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Meditation on Twin Hearts

Upcoming Event

Experience the magnificence of
The Meditation on Twin Hearts
Unfold the flame in the heart center,
Bring peace on Earth.

Coming Soon.....

11:30 am to 01:00 pm

(Please be seated by 11:00 am)


United Services Institute
Rao Tula Ram Marg
(Opposite Signals Enclave) Vasant Vihar

Conceptualised by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. He was also an engineer, a scientist and an author of great repute. Meditation on Twin Hearts is a simple, extremely effective meditation technique that is designed to achieve peace and illumination. It is based on the principle that major energy centres or chakras are gateways to certain levels of consciousness.

It primarily focuses on the activation of the heart (emotional) and crown (spiritual) chakras. Activation of the heart chakra leads to removal of stress and feelings of inner peace, whereas activating the crown chakra leads to illumination and higher consciousness.

During meditation, the practitioner becomes a channel of divine energy which is then directed outwards to heal and bless the planet.

Besides individual development, Meditation on Twin Hearts can be used for the benefit of a family, a community and, when done in large numbers, even the entire world.

When the meditation is done in a large group, there is a tremendous downpour of divine healing energy that is showered on all the participants leaving them internally healed of all negative thoughts, emotions and blockages leading to feelings of love, peace, joy and harmony among all.

Among the several life-changing benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts some are:

  • • Cleansing your own negative thoughts and emotions
  • • Cleansing negative energy directed by others to you
  • • Good physical health
  • • Increased self esteem
  • • Sense of peace and happiness
  • • Harmonious relationships
  • • Sharper mind
  • • Bigger aura and chakras
  • • More good Karma

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Caution : Children below 14 Years, persons with severe heart ailments , hypertension , glaucoma , fever or infection, heavy smokers , drinkers or drug users are not encouraged to attend as symptoms may get aggravated.

Warning : This mediation is not recommended for heavy smokers , those with heavy usage of alcohol and drugs . If you wish to know more please contact us at

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