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  • "Grandmaster's presence at the meditation on July 22, 2018 was over-powering, more so than I have ever experienced in the past ten years of group meditation. It moved me to tears the moment I entered the hall. A lot of others present that day felt likewise." Shashi Pawha.

    By Shashi pahwa

  • Thanks to the organising team to make the event flow so smoothly with so much ease and comfort. The downpour of beautiful and soothig Divine energies was beyond words can describe. Kudos to the whole team working on front or behind the scenes.

    Meena Batra

  • The meditation yesterday was beyond awesome. The moment i put my foot there, there was a certain calm that took over me. We were at the registration desk and it was peaceful and effortless. Watching people come register and walk in with smiles was a nice feeling. Once in the auditorium it was just so peaceful. The way the stage was decorated and with Master’s picture adorning it. It was as though he was there. The whole hall was vibrating with powerful positive energies. Abe my dear you were the channel and were you effortless!! Your sweet melodious voice just took things to another level. When you began ( before the meditation instead of the exercise) every word you spoke was so gentle and so comforting. It was powerful. Later when Saloni took us through all the blessings, it was very comforting!! A huge thank you for making the experience so divine. In gratitude always... As Master would say... "So be it!!"

    Alka khurana

  • Hi Abe, "I am blessed to be a part of this lovely divine event, prayer for peace, which I am sure is preparing each one of us to be part of the bigger picture yet to unfold, as per the divine will. The experience yesterday was awesome. I could feel the energies deeply cleansing each pore, each cell of my body. I could feel pit of my stomach throbbing with joy n just engulfed me into so much peace n serenity, which is unexplainable. And as you rightly said, it somewhere washed away n made my inner soul shine With masters blessings, I have been able to accomplish so much today. The healing energies have helped me to complete all my pending financial n health related commitments, which were pending for almost months now n complete them in just one single day. I am feeling so much relaxed n organized within. There is so much clarity of thought n above all there is a sense of deep self love within since after months while returning home from meditation I got bunch of flowers Tx you to all of you, Gratitude to Master n Maha Guruji Meiling, my guide, my Guru. I once again realize today, that "Peace, contentment n joy can only be gained in company of saints, through the Guru". This is my prayer for everyone, may each one of us be blessed with same today n always

    Smita bedi

  • I felt so much positive energy flowing, today's meditation was very powerful..... And am still feeling it. Am so glad and grateful to Dolly and Shilpa to make me part of this wonderful service.


  • As a school administrator, I mediate stressful and negative situations among students, parents, and co-workers. By practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts, I am able to resolve conflicts and respond in a more calm and compassionate manner.

    Sandra Washington

    Los Angeles

  • I am a substance abuse counselor and have been able to utilise this meditation in my work, noting significant positive effects in their progress, while in treatment. Only a brief period of time listening to the guided meditation leaves one feeling centred, energised and serene.

    Moses McCluskey

    Los Angeles

  • The meditation has brought in us energy awareness and hence motivated us to learn Pranic Healing.

    L. Kiran

    New York

  • Meditation has improved my health - physical as well as mental. My thoughts have become more positive. And that sensation I get in my hands while meditating, I feel so wonderful!! It's like a beautiful feeling of giving back to the Earth .

    Kamini Chawla

    New Delhi

  • Meditating with like-minded people makes me feel energized and peaceful at the same time. I feel blessed and empowered to help others. I actually started believing that each prayer mattered immensely .

    Vaseema Nadvi

    New Delhi

  • I used to suffer frequent headaches especially in the summer and anytime I was stressed. I would end up popping 3-4 Crocins a day to combat the headaches. With regular practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts, my headaches reduced drastically and I have barely had to take a Crocin for a headache over the last 8 years.

    Dr. Nina Saxena

    New Delhi

  • After my divorce a few years ago, I was devastated and miserable for a very long time. I tried to analyze why it had happened and how was I going to manage my life. I had a daughter to look after, who needed special care and attention. I started working to keep myself occupied, but the betrayal and hurt made me a worried, stressful mother. I explored yoga and mediation, which gave me a lot of energy and a positive attitude.

    Finding peace

  • I was led to the Prayer for Peace meditation and participated with my entire being in the guided meditation. I had been practising forgiveness, and by now had understood that my divorce was part of my karmic cleansing. I started seeing my ex-husband as my teacher who had taught me a very important lesson in life. To see every hardship as a lesson. To be an observer and accept whatever happens, with grace.

    Peace meditation

  • During the meditation, I concentrated my prayers on forgiveness and expressed gratitude for all the learning I had received. My ex-husband had got remarried shortly after my divorce, which had caused my a lot of pain and heartache. In Sept 2015, around a month after the Prayer for Peace meditation, I got a call from him. He wanted me and my daughter to come back to the U.S. and live with him.


  • It's always a delight to see diverse groups come together to create high impact. Collaboration is indeed the booster that can ensure the fruition of any idea. The flying pattern of the geese is an excellent example of this truth. As each goose flaps its wings it creates an "uplift" for the birds that follow; together the whole flock adds 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew alone #Foodforthought


  • My experience of Twin Heart Meditation is that it is surely -one of the simplest and most effective way of invoking the Infinite Divine Energy and channelling it for self growth; a powerful tool for praying for world peace by Blessing Mother Earth and everyone around a spiritual experience where all tensions are stilled, power of omniscient silence peace prevails; sense of purpose engendered.

    Shashi Kapila

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